Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Pet Peeve of Mine

Renaming difficulties in games:

This is gonna be a short article this week since I'm late and I haven't really fleshed out the details for this yet. but here's the gyst of it:

I hate it when games rename their difficulty levels.

Seriously. What is the point of this? It reminds me of Starbucks. Small, Medium, Large has been so iconic for so long, why bother renaming it.

Guitar Hero got it right with Easy/Medium/Hard/Expert. Nothing was wrong with it. Don't try and get creative. I mean even Super Smash Brother's Brawl/Melee/whichever version you prefer just had Very Easy/Easy/Medium/Hard/Very Hard.

Halo's difficulties:

Devil May Cries difficulties:
Devil Hunter
Son of Sparda
Dante Must Die!
Heaven or Hell
Hell or Hell

Haha, very funny. No, please. Stop. Stick to the iconic Easy, Medium, Hard. And if you intend on making something absurdly difficult, feel free to name it what you want. Probably Expert/Nightmare.

I know it's been around since the first Doom which named them "I'm too young to die" "Hey not too rough" "Hurt me plenty" and "Ultra violence" but I absolutely hate it when games do this.

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