Sunday, March 10, 2013

SCS Live!: Bonus Post

So...we lost to the computer. What the fuck...
But for fun, let's have some Bonus Stars of our own

Wario = Lolzor
Peach = Penny Lane
Mario = Sefah/Baalhrezem
Luigi = Hardest CPU Ever


Most 1's Rolled: Penny Lane
Most Stars Stolen and Most Star Stolen From: Lolzor
Longest Time In Purgatory: Lolzor/Sefah
Most Time Being Duped By Bowser: Penny Lane
Biggest Game Throw: Sefah
Least Game Hate: Luigi
Most Times Warped From Star: Sefah
Most Game Hate: Sefah
Most Player Hate: Lolzor
Most Coins Stolen From: Penny Lane
Stupidest Green Hat: Luigi
Worst Luck In Chance Time: Penny Lane
Most Oblivious/Bitter Human Players: Penny Lane/Sefah/Lolzor

Thanks for watching see you on Monday

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