Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why I quit WoW

So recently I rejoined World of Warcraft. When I first played it was on a friends account and I loved it, but being that I could only play when he wasn't on I only reached level 40 before I got fed up and quit. About 6 months ago or so I decided that it was time to have my own account and actually play (seeing as Im a Blizzard whore and also appreciate a good MMO). Anyway I joined a friends server and off I went.

The first 20 level are done in 2 hours which is fine and engages you, the next 30 are fun because you are new to dungeons and you level fairly quickly while doing boss battles with groups of people (very social). The grind from 50 to 70 was one of the hardest for me, the most efficient ways to level is to repeat the same 4 dungeons over and over but its stagnant with very little new content since raiding is impossible for anything but max level (I joined at Mists of Pandaria so the cap and end game was at 90). 70 to 85 was actually amazing, all the content including the questing was really engaging and epic feel...the was a character of your level should feel.

All of that was standard MMO ups and downs but still the most solid MMO I've played...the beginning of the end starts here. 85-90 had to be the most boring and tedious grind in any game. The experience required for just one level was an absurd amount equal to like the first 50 levels of the it was all grind no reward. The next issue was between them requiring a specific level of equipment and character level for things...content was thin so you spent most of your time just doing the same tasks over and over and over and over. The questing was mildly interesting but compared to the world saving stakes of the previous expansion it felt much less fun. Any way I grinded though saying end game will be wasn't. Now I cant speak for anything but MoP end game as a DPS but it was not good. The issue is at end game it actually becomes more work...if you dont have time to dedicate to it every day then you will be perpetually behind and perpetually useless. Again the content was small because you needed gear to unlock more and you could only do dungeons for gear once a day. The rest of your time was spent doing daily repeatable quest to gain rep so you can buy other gear. The was literally nothing else...there was PvP but same rules applied grind to gear up or be one shot. Now lets say you get a gear score high enough and can now raid using the raid finder...good luck if you are a DPS 2 pieces of gear will drop and you are rolling again 18 to 20 other people and raids are a weekly thing not daily.

I could complain for ever but let me make this more of a concise list:

1. Boring repeatable Daily Quests are your main task and absolutely required
2. Limited End game content
3. Limited (very limited) sources of gear.
4. Power difference between a few points of gear is way bigger than it should be.

In the long run I quit because you cant play end game casually and have it be the same experince that makes the game so good. I intend on playing again for a month or so solely for storyline sake...but even that its a dwindling appeal.

Sorry this article is more of a complain fest ratehr than an information piece but i needed to get it out of my system

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