Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3 Things You Should Be Watching (No TV required)

This is gonna be a quick one guys, just a short summary of a few shows I really enjoy.

1. Table Top:

Table top is a show on Geek and Sundry. Every other week they play through a table top game and explain how it works. It's fun to watch and informative....oh also hosted by Will Wheaton <_<

You can find it here:

2. Extra Credits:

Extra Credits is an animated food for thought. the 3 members are very smart and insightful people who take a deeper look into the gaming industry and gaming as a whole. Its def worth a look into.

3. LoadingReadyRun

These guys are honestly my favorite thing to watch. Period. They are and internet comedy group with something new for you almost every day of the week. Ranging from skits to mtg streams to podcasts and lets plays, this is the most dedicated internet group you will find...and they are fucking hilarious. If you check out only one of these make it LRR

Their site is here:

Alright I'm out, join Sefah for his article Friday and a new stream on Sunday.

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