Monday, February 4, 2013

Best Guild in Gatecrash?

Gatecrash Time!

Alright the prerelease is over and the release weekend has passed time to talk about Gatecrash a bit. I'll be honest I've switched recently from a standard player to a limited player but Im going to talk about each guild as best I can in both respects.

Gruul: Red/Green

So Gruul seems to be a fairly strong in limited. Thriving in large efficient creatures it doesnt really need an amazing pool to work.

Bloodrush: Very good for limited gives all your creatures to be uncounterable combat tricks while not forcing you to cut down on creatures. Enough Said.

Saddly with out the support of another color I don't see this working in standard.

Simic: Blue/Green

Hands down the strongest in limited. I really underestimated this guild but the combination of colors provides for ramp and protection with alot of unique creatures that work very well atleast in this format...I laughed at a  0/4 unblockable with evolve till it stomped all over my Boros deck.

Evolve: This seemed decent but they way the block is setup its very exploitable...not great in sealed unless you have the right pool but amazing in a draft.

Idk about standard on this one it seems strong but idk if its fast enough or strong enough to keep up against other mroe aggressive decks.

Dimir: Black/Blue

I would have to say this is probably the worst in limited (excluding a nice pool or people just ignoring the colors) It requires too many key pieces to make it work

Cipher: Great ability...usually over costed but there are some gems that can make a great deck

I would watch out for this maybe paired up with another color or guild it seem dangerous

Boros: Red/White

Standard for a solid draft deck, efficient low cost creatures with a nice side of burn removal. Never a bad choice and you dont need an epic pool to make it work all the boros cards are pretty solid

Battalion: Unfortunately this is a very weak mechanic it only works if you over extend and with a few exceptions is not very worth it

The best creatures will probably see play in already established decks making the already efficient even more deadly

Orzhov: Black/White

Second best in limited easily. Just too good splash it in anything or make a full deck most of the cards are just extreme amounts of value.

Extort: Ok so against popular opinion I knew this would would be strong...but holy crap its strong just gives you a steady clock on your opponents and keeps you nice and healty

Yea this will see play be scared of very scared.

Ok guys thats it for Magic Monday, tune in Wednesday for another article

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