Monday, February 11, 2013

Lolzor's Adventures in Standard

Hey guys this week I'm gonna talk a bit about my new post gatecrash Standard deck
the deck list is as follows:

Boros Deck Wins
R/W Standard 
60 Cards

26 Creatures

4   Skyknight Legionnaire
4   Champion of the Parish
4   Legion Loyalist
4   Silverblade Paladin 
4   Hellrider
2   Frontline Medic
4   Ash Zealot

12 Other Spells

4   Madcap Skills
4   Boros Charm
4   Skullcrack

22 Lands

8   Plains
4   Sacred Foundry
8   Mountain
2   Slayers' Stronghold


2   Frontline Medic
3   Blind Obedience
4   Homing Lightning
4   Oblivion Ring
2   Aurelia, the Warleader

Ok lets talk about it. As you can see from the title this is very similar to most variants of "red deck wins" so its a very aggressive deck. Every thing in this is running in the 2 drop 3 drop range, optimally this is a turn 4 win. I almost always need a turn one play and have to maintain that pressure for the rest of the game. I'm playing the best aggro 3 drop (Silverblade) and a crazy efficient 2 drop (Ash Zealot) to keep that goal. Frontline Medic is kind of a just midgame push so I don't get fucked over and the Boros Charm is too versatile to not run. The Madcap skills is good for early pressure and the Skullcrack is part burn for a final push and part anti-Thragtusk. 

The sideboard is pretty weak but I havent had large tests yet. The Aurelia is if I need to transition to a more mid to late game deck, same with the extra medics. The Homing Lightning is anti token and the Oblivion Rings are for spot removal against something like a rites deck. and finally the Blind Obedience is in case of a deck similar to mine, setting me a turn ahead is always good by me. 

Overall is an aggressive balls out aggro deck which can only work in this current meta seeing as fast and hard is every deck right now. We will see if I change it once more decks start emerging.

I plan on making a midrange Jund deck with some bloodrush for post October...but that is for another Monday.

Thanks for reading see you wednesday!

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