Monday, February 25, 2013

Not So Random Card

So I'm alittle busy today so this will be a short article, I'm gonna do a quick review of 2 of my fav green cards.

Acidic Slime - 3GG
Creature - Ooze

When Acidic Slime enters the battlefield, destroy target artifact, enchantment, or land.

Ok lets start with Acidic Slime, in my opinion this is one of the best cards of all time. I used to doubt its usefulness but then i played with it and I saw how remarkable this card is in a deck.

Now 5 cost 2/2 is alittle steep but  you get deathtouch on it and you get an effect that will always hit. The way I look at it is this, this card is a potential double removal spell on legs. It can remove creatures or stall swinging with its deathtouch, its effect is perfect for sideboards or even main boards and plus it can hit lands, (good land destruction is hard to find) the value of fucking up a land base is very high especially in multi-color decks. Also it has legs so it can swing. 

The only thing holding this card back from disgustingly OP is its double green. The cost makes it kinda hard to splash in a deck not using green as the main color or at least somewhat main. 4/5

Rancor - G
Enchant - Aura

Enchanted creature gets +2/+0 and trample.
When Rancor is put into the graveyard from the battlefield return Rancor to it's owners hand.

This is my favorite card in magic. I love the art, the flavor text, and its effects (made sure to post the old one not the next print with out the flavor). This card sets the bar for enchantments.

Let's start with the cost....G....ok so its perfect as cheap as you can get with a colored spell and also splashable. Moving right on from that.

It is an enchant it gives ok stats and trample. So its good early game as just a buff and that trample makes it a good mid and late game push to get you into lethal damage. Plus with it being so cheap it'll basically never hold you back.

BUT BUT BUT LOLZORRRRRRRRRRRRR...Sefah says all enchantments are bad because they 2 for 1 you and its basically over extending blah blah blah control is the best. 

Hmmm I see your point except...BAM second effect! Recursion built in, as long as this card resolves it'll come back to your hand (baring exile). It's basically never a bad play since it will come back.

Over all its good stats, good at any time, and cheap and reoccurring. Basically if you are in green you should probably be running these. 5/5 

Anyway guys hope you enjoyed my love for green today, if not see picture above.

See you Wednesday

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