Monday, February 18, 2013

MUCMonday #32

Making Up Cards Monday #32:

Welcome back to another segment of MUCMonday. Getting right back into the swing of things, here are this week's cards:

Everyone is traveling since last weekend, after several hectic Magic games, including a 6-player free-for-all EDH match.

It looks like this week we will be posting some cards that havent been seen before from our MUCMondays:

Praetor, the Contaminator - 2BG
Planeswalker - Praetor
+1 : Each players gets a poison counter.
-2 : Draw a card, then proliferate.
-5 : creatures you control gain +X/+X and trample until end of turn, where X is the number of poison counters in the game.

A card I made forever ago, but didn't share.

Rogue Lord - 2UUBB
Creature - Human Rogue
Rogue Lord is unblockable.
All instant and sorcery spells you cast have cipher.

Lolzor's idea of the perfect cipher card.

Consuming Ooze - XGGG
As an additional cost to cast Consuming Ooze, sacrifice all creatures you control.
Put X green ooze creature tokens onto the battlefield with power and toughness equal to the combined power of creatures sacrificed this way.

An interesting card, I don't know if it's mythic quality but it's interesting.

Weapon Master - 2W
Creature - Human Soldier
As long as Weapon Master is equipped, it has first strike vigilance.
Metalcraft - As long as you control three or more artifacts, Weapon Master gets +1/+1 for each equipment attached to him.

Lolzor wanted to "revisit" mechanics that never did quite take off, one of them being Metalcraft. Expect more failed mechanics such as "clash" or "kinship".

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  1. Still waiting for phasing to come back around, and banding!