Friday, February 15, 2013

My Solution to the New Ranked System:

My Solutions to the New Ranked System:

**Make MMR/Elo visible again**

Yeah, yeah. I know. This was intended with the new system. But Elo was never broken so why fix it? The new League system will be IN ADDITION to the new league system. You can still be 1600 and get stuck by feeders and trolls in Silver I. In season 2, the point of playing ranked was for stats and numbers. Numbers that you see. Numbers you can compare to other players, KDA, win rates, etc. By taking away the major number that players compared themselves eachother by defeats the purpose of ranked.

This also let's people see how good you are in lobbies. I don't know about you guys, but I enjoyed seeing players fill up in ARAM lobbies and go "oh damn, that 1800 player is Gragas this game." Why? Because this information was not hidden to me.

So what would the point of this be? Well one, obviously everyone gets to see their elo again with the new League system, the best of both worlds. The League system would still work with the end-of-season rewards so that instead of beating a number for your rewards, you have to win your promotion series, still letting you feel accomplished which I believe was the purpose of the new system.

**Add demotion matches**

One of the problems with dropping a division after hitting a new one is the uncertainty of losing the next game will get you demoted. This also allows the grace period of entering a new division to be static, say two.

So if you win a division series and get promoted to Gold II, you can have two shitty games, and the system will go "We noticed you are having difficulty performing in your division. To make sure you belong in this division, you are entering a demotion series. Don't worry, if you win you will still gain LP as normal." So you lose 2 games, enter the demotion series, then lose 1 win 2, you will have gained LP as if you won 2, lost 1. This eliminates the uncertainty of demoting and in my opinion makes demoting somewhat more difficult, similar to how promoting is difficult consider that to hit 100 LP you need to win a game, and then you have to win a best of three, making you play basically four games where you have to win three of them--which is really asking for a lot. Additionally, if you lose 4 games in a row, you would be demoted to Gold III with 50 LP, about the same LP as you would have lost if you dropped all of the games anyways.  *This does not apply to tier games so you still won't drop from silver to bronze.* Riot was correct on the "tier anxiety" being a real thing.

**Remove the LP cap on Diamond I**

I really don't know a lot about this since I'm no where close to this, but it is creating inactivity on Diamond I players with 100 LP as losing a game would remove them from the "queue" to get into challenger. And then winning a game after that would reset them to the back of the line. Removing the LP cap also makes it so the #1 Diamond player could have 253 League points, meanwhile #2 has 190, making the first player eligible for challenger because he was more dedicated/better. If he drops the promotion series, the next one steps up, etc.

**Really Bad Ideas that I thought of that should not be implemented but I typed out anyways**

Queue dodging is now -5 LP. If someone else on your team queue dodged, you have no change. If you managed to get the enemy team to queue dodge, you are rewarded +1 LP.
League Points awarded for winning a game are reduced by 1 LP per person. An MVP system is in place where you are able to award 1 League Point to any of your teammates, except yourself.
League Point reduction for losses are increased by 1 LP per person per loss, with the same intention of MVP system on losing teams, where you cannot vote for yourself, granting them +1 LP.

I don't know why I thought of this, but the idea was the if you outpicked the enemy team, you were rewarded for it. The others were ideas to make it so if you performed well, regardless of in a losing or winning game, you were rewarded for it. If you went 8-3-12 in a losing game when your teammates went 2-6, they would probably give you the LP you deserved for trying to carry. Likewise, if you went 7-0-7 on a winning team, or made the game-winning play, your teammates would grant your the LP for it.

I suppose if no one voted it would just be harder to climb divisions, so if you didn't vote on any MVP it would just give it randomly.

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 for motivating me to type this out.
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