Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FNM: Fuck Boros Reckoner!

So this is a very delayed post, but since I dropped the ball I decided to wait till i played FNM today and talk about my experience.

As you saw from my earlier post about my decklist, I'm running Boros aggro. Now if you haven't played in a standard torny since gate crash I'm gonna give you a heads up there are 2 decks, Boros aggro and Midrange. Now it might be different in your home town but from what I saw here and what I saw at the pro tour we are about to have a bit of a stale format. There was one or two controlish decks that thrived off of extort and sphinx revelation but the top 4 was all R/W or R/W + another color.

I had very good success with my deck, i went 2-2 but one game was distinctly my fault and not my decks and it prevented the 3-1 (frustrating because without that I would've top'd...and it was early so I kicked myself the whole time). The secret OP card in my deck was Madcap Skills, no one saw it coming and smacking in for an unchecked 4 or 5 turn 2 really sets the pace. The Skyknight Legionnaire will be staying since the mid game flying push was quite relevant.

But now we must get to the title of this article. In every single deck there was 2 or more copies of this damn card (except mine, i dont have 120 to drop on a playset) . This card is absolutely insane, the aforementioned misplay was at the hands this 3 drop power house. If you are unfamiliar with the new must have it is a 3 drop   Hybrid R/W 3/3. Its first effect is pay red or white and give it first strike, the second ability is any damage dealt to it can also be dealt to target creature or player. This ability has given birth to an instant win, an infinite life combo and is the 2 for 1 king right now. Most of my games were determined by how many of these i saw.

Honestly this card isnt broken, just really high value. It is being splashed in almost every deck, and I assume this is all you will be seeing till Dragon's Maze comes out.

Anyway thank you for reading and sorry about the delay. If you have any experiences you want to share leave them in the comments

See you sunday!

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