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IPotW #11

Interesting Play of the Week #11:

Okay, so I did manage to play a lot of Magic this week. Most of it was from over-playing the pre-releases Limited sealed events. This week I will be talking about another intense EDH match. And for Lolzor: no I did not win this match.

My starting hand was: Mountain, Island, Serum Visions, Insurrection, Evacuation, Ancient Hydra, and Ricochet Trap. For some reason I decided to keep. I though "Hey, I have Serum Visions! That's a draw and some scry so I can get some more lands." Little did I know that my starting lands in my hand would be my only lands for the rest of the game. I should have Paris Mulligan'd.

Another four player game where the generals consisted of:
The Mimeoplasm
Glissa, the Traitor
Glissa, the Traitor -- Yup. Two of them. The Legend rule came into effect a few times this game.
Jhoira of the Ghitu

Vector Asp was the first turn drop for Mimeoplasm. Glissa played Llanowar Elves and the second Glissa, Lolzor played Nimble Mongoose. I draw into Staggershock and resolve Serum Visions drawing a Dissipate and seeing Summoner's Bane and Harvest Pire. I send them both to the bottom of the library since I need lands.

Mimeoplasm puts down an Island and plays Jace's Erasure. Glissa plays a swamp and summons Glissa. Lolzor plays a Piranha Marsh and Mimeoplasm loses 1 life. I have no luck drawing a land so I pass. I draw into nothing so I pass again. Mimeoplasm mills, places a land and passes. Glissa plays Obstinate Baloth, gaining 4 life and swings at me. Lolzor places a land and decides to summon his own Glissa. They are both put into the graveyard because of the legend rule and then placed back into the command zone.

I draw into Silent Departure so I bounce Obstinate Baloth. I felt like I had to do something since I can't really do anything. I don't care if he gains 4 more life if it means later I can draw another card. Mimeoplasm is trying to be a nice guy and equally mill everyone. Lucky me, it was my turn and he milled a Mountain. He plays a Golgari Signet.

Glissa plays Armillary Sphere, Viridian Emissary and then Virulent Wounds the Vector Asp, killing it. Lolzor draws and passes. Finally I manage to catch a lucky break and find Izzet Signet. Mimeoplasm casts and resolves Minds Aglow. What sucks is I don't have any mana for the activation cost of Izzet Signet. He draws 3, Glissa is tapped out and Lolzor taps one land and draws a card. Unfortunately we all read the card wrong at the time, and we thought each player pays X and draws X, not that each players contributes to a mana pool and each of us draw cards. That might have really helped me if I read it right.

I draw into Dissipate, and pass, at least I can cast this--and if not Staggershock is always an option. Mimeoplasm casts Wonder. I think about Dissipating it, but I end up deciding not to. Glissa plays Green Sun's Zenith for 6, I'm fairly certain that it would have fetched out a Primeval Titan, but I respond with Dissipate. Lolzor manages to re-cast Glissa, the Traitor.

I draw into Flameblast Dragon. It would be useful if I had the mana, especially compared to everyone else. I pass. Mimeoplasm casts and resolves Mimeoplasm and turns to me. Unfortunately, I have no answer so I let it resolve. It enters as a copy of one of the milled cards he got off of Glissa: Rampaging Baloths and unfortunately I can't remember the other creature. I remember it was a 9/9 so it was obviously a 3/3. Sangromancer rings a bell.

End of Lolzor's turn I cast Staggershock, killing Llanowar Elves and during my upkeep killing Wonder, which was probably a mistake, because now The Mimeoplasm is a 9/9 trample flier. I draw into nothing again, so I tap out and play Jhoira of the Ghitu.

The Mimeoplasm is trying to be a nice guy and swinging at everyone evenly because at this point he basically has the game, or at least in his eyes. Glissa resolves an Englufing Slagwurm. Lolzor plays Mindslaver but doesn't have the mana to activate it. I draw and pass. The Mimeoplasm drops a land and gets 4/4 flier and then swings at Lolzor. Glissa swings at The Mimeoplasm which he decides to take. Lolzor activates Mindslaver controlling The Mimeoplasm's next turn. At the end of Lolzor's turn I suspend Evacuation. Everyone seemed very pleased about it, it was at least a temporary answer to the 9/9 trample flier. Or at least everyone but the Mimeoplasm was. It was four turns, now three away. I draw and pass, still no lands.

The Mimeoplasm's turn is taken control of by Lolzor, but unfortunately he's not holding onto any means of destroying his own creatures. He taps all his lands and ends the turn. Glissa draws and swings at The Mimeoplasm. As a rule of thumb: don't block Engulfing Slagwurm. The Mimeoplasm didn't block but it could have ended poorly. Lolzor resolves Glissa, the Traitor again, hoping for a recursion of Mindslaver. At the end of Lolzor's turn I suspend Insurrection. It will probably never go off in time, but at least there's a chance.

I draw and pass. Things are looking grim with only 2 lands and an artifact that produces mana. The Mimeoplasm plays Naturalize, targeting my Izzet Signet. In response I tap it and suspend Flameblast Dragon--another card that I won't be able to play. He drops a land, getting another 4/4 trample flier. I joke about how it doesn't have haste so it can't kill me. I have 14 life, so he smirks and says "No, but this does", and resolves Skullbriar, the Walking Grave. He swings for 14 at me, I'm at 14 life, but before combat damage I Lightning Bolt the 1/1 trample, flier. Sitting at 1 life. Glissa resolves Phyrexian Swarmlord. Suddenly that Virulent Wound at the very beginning of the game is relevant.

Lolzor tries his hardest to save me. He Diabolic Tutors and tries to find an answer to the 9/9 flier. He fetches out Doom Blade and tries to target The Mimeoplasm, but he states that it is Green, Blue, and Black, making it untargetable. He changes the target to the untapped 4/4 flier. This however, wasn't true. The Mimeoplasm, the creature that is, enters as a copy of the creature, the copy he chose is Rampaging Baloths which is fact, only green--making it a legal target. No one questioned it at the time and I doubt it would have changed the gameplay significantly.

I draw, realizing it's my last turn. I swing with Jhoira at Mimeoplasm, but before combat damage Ninjutsu out Mistblade Shinobi, bouncing Jhoira, but also bouncing The Mimeoplasm when combat damage happens. I had to go out with a bang. Next turn the 4/4 flying trample just swung at me for game, exiling everything I owned, even the suspended spells. One turn away from "saving" the game with Evacuation.

The Mimeoplasm realizes he's on a clock too. He doesn't have a lot of life left. So he resolves Wrexial, the Risen Deep, who is also known as Cthulu judging from his art. Glissa gets a 1/1 infect insect from his Swarmlord and swings at The Mimeoplasm. He decides to take it since infect counters aren't really what's bothering him--it's the about to recur Mindslaver. He goes up to 5 poison counters. Lolzor plays Etched Champion.

The Mimeoplasm is pretty low on life from being the guy with the largest creature for so long. He realizes it's he only has a few turns left and swings at Lolzor with Wrexial, copying the milled Grasp of Darkness to kill the Swarmlord. Lolzor manages to find Bonehoarder and equips it to Etched Champion. The Metalcrafted Etched Champion equipped with a Bonehoarder swings at him, finally eliminating him.

Glissa goes and manages to resolve a Pelakka Wurm*. Lolzor topdecks his answer and plays Brutalizer Exarch sending Pelakka Wurm to the bottom of the library, which should not happen because you can only send noncreatures to the bottom. But no one saw it, so it resolved that way anyways.

But, now it's just a stand off between the two Glissa decks. From the life totals--unfortunately Lolzor already has Mindslaver in his graveyard for the recursion of it any time a creature dies. With 11 lands out, he could also play it and activate it everytime, and so long as he can always destroy a creature. Luckily for him, they share a common General. And thus, over several Mindslaver'd turns later, Lolzor finally wins with a pinging protection from all colors equipped Etched Champion. I'm sure Lolzor would want me to hype it up, carefully announcing his blockers and holding back his Glissa so the 1/1 insects would constantly die, and then casting Everflowing Chalice for 6 counters to ensure Glissa could be cast and a bunch of other tricks. But it was just a string of well-thought out Mindslaver'd goodness.

Thanks for reading Snow Covered Swamp's IPotW #11! Sorry for the delay on this one but it was a fairly long game and unfortunately because it took so long I forgot some of the details of it*. Come back Monday for our most popular segment: Making Up Cards Monday!

* - I don't really remember what happened to Engulfing Slagwurm. I think it was sacrificed to Geth's Verdict.

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