Monday, February 27, 2012

RCotD #108

Random Card of the Day #108:

Vulshok Refugee - 1RR
Creature - Human Warrior
Protection from red

Initial Thoughts:

A 3-cost 3/2. That's pretty good. Two relevant creature types: Human and Warrior, and protection from red. That's a pretty damn solid card. Not game breaking, and not too situational with 1) the number of everyone playing Gut Shots and 2) the number of field clears that won't damage this.

Protection from Red means you won't take damage from red sources. Perfect examples of this is the multi-purpose Slagstorm, and one of my new favorite field clears, Blasphemous Act. Even simple ones like Pyroclasm won't hurt this.

Pretty good card. Even better if your opponent is playing red. But pretty good alone if not just to abuse field clears. 4/5

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