Friday, February 24, 2012

RCotD #105

Random Card of the Day #105:

Vizzerdrix - 6U
Creature - Rabbit Beast

Initial Thoughts:

Just a bad card. First of all, it could be understandable in drafts to have this card printed. 7-cost 6/6 can win you games. So that's fine. However, having a 7-cost 6/6 printed in the rare slot is not.

What was so wrong about printing this in the uncommon slot? By putting it into the rare slot you basically soldify saying "We don't want to see this in draft." Because face it, you won't get the rares you need in draft or any limited event; you take a look at the rares you got and make a deck around that. (Unless you had some insane other cards like Invisible Stalker and Butcher's Cleaver.)

When you look at it in the light of "this is a rare" the opinion of the card changes entirely. Then again, it probably shouldn't if you are looking at the overall status of the card. This card is slightly better than Craw Wurm at the cost of one more mana. And it could be relevant of having a beatstick in a blue deck. And as if I wanted to justify this card even further, it's pretty easily splashable if you wanted to put it with another color. Like, really easy to splash.

Just another vanilla creature. I am very disappointed this was a rare, but I guess that also goes with Goblin Hero and Mon's Goblin Raiders. 2/5

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