Friday, February 17, 2012

IPotW #12

Interesting Play(s) of the Week #12:

Okay, so I apologize for the time it took to post last week's IPotW. I played a bit of Magic this week but none of the games truly stood out as amazing. So instead, I will give you examples of cool games that I've had. The idea was given to me by Lolzor, as he called it an "EDH Round-up" although it is not strictly to EDH games. So without further hesitation, here as a synopsis of several good games I have had:

In one of the EDH games I had, my suspended Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre hit the field too fast for my opponents to deal with, or rather, my opponent could deal with it on sorcery speed but when creature cards come off suspension they enter with haste. Annihilator 4 isn't pretty with haste. Not a particularly amazing game.

In another one of my EDH games I got locked down early by land destruction, which really set the tempo of the pace of the game for me. I hit 6 land drops in a row, but having the first 2 go into your graveyard can be especially rough. I basically knew I wasn't going to win this one, Lolzor got Kresh the Bloodbraided on field who tricked the 3/3 Gideon's Avenger into blocking it by flashing in and evoking Briarthorn. Because it's sacrificed immediately, Kresh can become really big really fast. Lolzor ended up winning with Kresh being a 70+/70+ after a resolved Destructive Force hit a token deck.

In another of my EDH games (yes, EDH is probably the best format to play with my friends. It serves as a comfortable medium of vintage/legacy/modern cards without being too abusable because of the 100-card singleton. There are still insane 2-card combos, but there's a difference between have 4 copies of a card that instantly win a game, and one--because all of your tutors are reduced to one copy as well.) the game was a little too fast for my opponent, I had an uncontested turn 4 Flametongue Kavu, which was Fiend Hunter'd but Lolzor thought it would be funny to Doom Blade and 2-for-1 my friend again. Unfortunately, turn 5 Zur's Weirding hit the field. I'd read that card if I were you. It's one of the craziest cards in EDH and I love it for that. But I was winning and everything I needed was in my hand. Lolzor couldn't get his second black mana and LightningCount was mana screwed. I paid two life to send all their lands away and started to ping away at their life. They just conceded knowing that the Lockdown was in full effect because it happened too soon.

But the best play of the week would probably have to go to Lolzor. In this game I was pretty much cleaning up the board with Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre's Annihilator effect. Flameblast Dragon was also on the field picking up stragglers. When I chose to attack Lolzor I organized so Ulamog's Annihilator would happen first. He ended up sacrificing Flayer of Hatebound to kill the Flameblast Dragon, and then Geth's Verdicting my Ulamog. I tried to respond with a Brainstorm, then shuffled my library with Terminal Moraine and flashed back Think Twice--but I still couldn't find an answer to it. Unfortunately I had received a lot of hate since those two creatures were on suspend for a while, so I was at 8 life. It didn't take very long for me to get pinged down, even with Myr Battlesphere on the field.

In another of my games I Think Twice'd into a Ponder into an Oblivion Ring to win the game, so drawing into an answer can be hopeful. It just doesn't always happen. Though my favorite move is probably Think Twice into Mana Leak.

Another good play was I kept Lolzor's Strangleroot Geist tapped down with my Crown of Empires, but before he advanced into the Declare Attacker's he sacrificed it to Grim Backwoods, drawing a card, and swinging for three since the geist had haste. A good play, but not particularly game changing.

In one of my less prouder moment, my USA control deck was somehow outracing Lolzor's G/B aggro with Timely Reinforcements. In order to gain an advantage in a swinging war he tried to Go for the Throat his own Young Wolf so it would come back as a 2/2 and swing for more, hopefully winning the trades. I actually Mana Leak'd it.

That same USA control deck fought off (in a single game) an onslaught of 16 Wurmcoil Engines, and all of it's tokens in a Heartless Summoning deck at an FNM, where my opponent marked me as a drop instead of himself. I was pretty mad, because I was 3-1 at that point and could have placed top 8 if I won my next match. I brought it up with the Event Organizer but he said I was basically SOL.

At that FNM I also Act of Aggression'd the 4/4 Angel Token that Geist of Saint Traft brings in to kill it. He was astounded I was even playing that card, but he seemed pretty mad.

While I was teaching one of my friends to play, I didn't have any of mine that were "beginner level" so I borrowed my friends deck which he left over. It seemed simple, but on turn 6 I was staring down at the 3 Eldrazi lords after a Mass Polymorph. It's probably her favorite deck.

Well, it's not one game but rather a synopsis of a bunch of games that I haven't mentioned that I am particularly proud of. Or of really good plays that I've seen--and it's atleast much better than my usual standard games of "tap everything down, Timely Reinforcements and wait until there's too many creatures and then Day of Judgement--then hopefully Red Sun or White Sun's Zenith for the game eventually" I hope you enjoyed them, but I'll get back to posting full games since I normally don't play this much Magic in a single week.

Oh and for those of you wondering: Yes, I did play my friends Grixis Control Archenemy deck. I could make an article about it, but it would be mostly me ranting about how to build an Archenemy deck. It's a format I turn to when I'm feeling picked on in EDH.

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