Friday, March 2, 2012

IPotW #14

Interesting Play of the Week #14:

I didn't play a lot of magic this week. Just a few EDH games, and nothing special online, most of which were stomps one way or the other. So without further adue, I will just mention plays across my games that were good--or another "round-up" of games as Lolzor put it.

In one game, I stopped my opponent at his upkeep to cast Time Stop. Not particularly amazing, but it did Time Walk myself.

I an EDH game, I stopped my friend on his upkeep to cast Deceiver Exarch, tapping down on of his lands, which was actually relevant as he revealed his hand and conceded--partially because of the Eldrazi on the field.

In another forever-long EDH game, I had Helvault forever. And literally everyone played removal. Everything was hidden inside Helvault. With my free mana I tried to exile Lolzor's Hunted Horror, but he Fling'd it at me. The game continued until my opponent's Luminarch Ascension got full counters and summoned a horde of Angels, eliminating me from the game, and shortly after overrunning Lolzor.

As for online games, I lost to a white enchantment deck when he Arrest'd my Royal Assassin. Champion of the Parish got really big, really fast and I couldn't stop it.

Another game I was outraced by three Fume Spitters (which prevented me from playing any of my utility creatures) and a flying horde of vampires from Bloodline Keeper. All I could do was bounce the creatures, and I did get one Grasp of Darkness for Bloodline Keeper, but my opponent just resolved another, putting me in a tight spot.

As for a good game that went back and forth between me and my opponents, there really weren't any outside of EDH--but EDH games are a pretty good back and forth considering how politics are handled if a player gets too far ahead. Anyways thanks for tuning in to SCS's IPotW. Sorry for the short length of the post, but I'll try to get better games next week. And in case you missed it, the second comic of Bangchuckers! was released so you can check the Archive Trap in the top right corner to see the webcomic Lolzor, Azyzl, and Bitlo have been working on.

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