Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RCotD #123

Random Card of the Day #123:

Wall of Wood - G
Creature - Wall

Initial thoughts:

It's almost exciting to get bad cards on the RCotD. A 1-cost 0/3 defender. It serves its purpose as an early aggro blocker. But it's pretty out dated.

As far as one cost drops go, Perimeter Captain probably trumps most defenders. But I would play Wall of Omens in most scenarios, probably just because of the cantrip.

But those are in White. If you wanted to stick to green you can play it with the power creeped Wall of Vines. Or just the flat out amazing Treefolk Harbinger, at least he could swing if need be. I suppose in alpha drafts it was a good keep, but still doesn't really win games. 2/5

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