Sunday, March 25, 2012

IPotW #17

Interesting Play of the Week #17:

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Sorry for posting this pretty late. I mean I'm supposed to do this on Fridays and it's Sunday.

This week is actually a pretty low-tier match up. It's my Vault Skirge/Piston Sledge deck versus my Grixis Flashback.

Originally I had planned on doing Vault Skirge versus Lolzor's Monowhite Pauper. (It actually uses Islands, but that's because we have a severe shortage of Plains, so we pretend that the Islands are Plains.) But each game was a stomp going either way, mainly due to either:
1) No answers to Vault Skirge with Piston Sledge
2) Mana screw
3) Mana flood

But the games were also somewhat unexciting. Which is why I'm posting the somewhat exciting second game.

The first of the games we played I literally had the God-hand of my deck: Phyrexia's Core, Plains, Porcelaine Legionaire, Vault Skirge, Piston Sledge, Piston Sledge. Additionally, I won the dice roll.

In short:
T1: Phyrexia's Core, Vault Skirge
T2: Mountain, pass.
T3: Plains, swing for 1, Porcelaine Legionaire
T4: Island
T5: Plains, Piston Sledge attached to Vault Skirge, swing for 7.
T6: Swamp, Burning Vengeance.
T7: Piston Sledge attached to Vault Skirge, swing for 10.
T8: Faithless Looting, Mountain, Silent Departure on Vault Skirge, Geistflame on Porcelaine Legionaire.

Now I'm fairly sad. I could replay Vault Skirge, but he would just flashback Geistflame, killing it, and having me take an additional two damage from Burning Vengeance. I draw into Gut Shot, which is useful, but I am still missing the red mana to play my own Geistflame from my hand.

T9: Draw, pass.
T10: Land, pass.
T11: Draw, pass. End of turn, Lolzor casts Think Twice and flashes it back, dealing 2 damage to me.
T12: Land, Faithless Looting.
T13: Draw, Mountain. End of turn flashback Geistflame dealing 1 damage to me, and 2 damage from Burning Vengeance.
T14: Land, go. End of turn Geistflame.
T15: Flashback Geistflame, Gutshot for game.

The next game Lolzor won by a large margin. It was basically me sitting helpless for nine turns again a flashback deck that kept piling up. I even got a Nihil Spellbomb off, but the graveyard kept piling up still. All of my early game threats were answered with either Geistflame or Fires of Undeath. Including Geistflame'ing Vault Skirge in response to Piston Sledge equipping.

Additionally, this week I won a game of EDH without having a single land in play. It was a weird day. Thanks to Hunted Horror.

Thanks for reading this weeks IPotW, come back Monday for our MUCMonday, which seems to be our second-most popular segment compared to Bangchuckers! now. If you would like to see Bangchuckers!, check the top right corner in the Archive Trap for the, well, archives.

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