Friday, March 2, 2012

RCotD #112

Random Card of the Day #112:

Stitcher's Apprentice - 1U
Creature - Homonculus
{1}{U}, {T}: Put a 2/2 blue Homunculus creature token onto the battlefield, then sacrifice a creature.

Initial Thoughts:

A lot of people don't like this card. I actually find it pretty useful. Though I am sort of biased because I had an amazing Limited deck based around this, Selhoff Occultist and Undead Alchemist.

In constructed I use it in a stupid G/U deck I made that self-mills. I've found it's useful to dodge Doom Blades and the like so you come out on top, or activating dying effects like Perilous Myr. If you wanted to go really wonky, you can do Confusion in the Ranks or Warstorm Surge and the like.

It's a really crazy card, and it does a lot especially for a common. But needs to be in specific decks. On it's own it just dodges removal. 4/5

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