Monday, March 5, 2012

RCotD #115

Random Card of the Day #115:

Dreg Reaver - 4B
Creature - Zombie Beast

Initial thoughts:

The old function reprint of Zombie Goliath. It's not a good card. Even in Limited no one really wants to see this card. It's too high cost, doesn't have a power to it's converted mana cost, and is still in bolt range.

Okay, so we've gotten better vanilla creature before, but they at least met these requirements:
RCotD #64: 6-cost 6/4
RCotD #90: 5-cost 5/4
Hell even , Vizzerdrix can win games. This card just doesn't win games. I would rather have a 5/2 than a 4/3, especially in drafts.

But this card is just one of the worst vanilla creatures. 1/5

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