Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RCotD #138

Random Card of the Day #138:

Scapegoat - W
As an additional cost to cast Scapegoat, sacrifice a creature.
Return any number of target creatures you control to their owner's hand.

Initial thoughts:

Well, it triggers Morbid effects and dying effects, but to bounce your own creatures to your hand is pretty situational. Most of the time I might cast Momentary Blink to dodge removal, unless it's non-targeted removal.

The obvious one to dodge would be Wrath of God--where you would only lose one creature instead of all of them. If you did somehow manage to gain control of an opponents creature, you could also sacrifice their creature, but it seems awful convoluted for just a bounce spell.

It's an interesting card, but it isn't working as I would think it would. For example, Child of Alara and this card. As you are paying the costs, the dying effect of Child of Alara triggers, but won't go on the stack until any player receives priority, and at that point, Scapegoat would beneath Child of Alara's effect. All nonindestructible creatures would be destroyed and then you can bounce the remaining ones left--which would probably only consist of Undying, Persist, and token creatures.

Still not seeing a super use for this card. It's still nifty. 3/5

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