Friday, March 30, 2012

RCotD #139

Random Card of the Day #139:

Stone-Throwing Devils - B
Creature - Devil
First strike

Initial thoughts:

Surprisingly the only reason I know of this card is because of a joke draft I did with Lolzor. I think it was Ice Age/Alpha/Arabian Nights. It was really awkward.

It is super effective for it's mana cost though, and is a color-cycled Tundra Wolves/Boros Recruit. It doesn't matter though, it will probably fall off in drafts, and is highly susceptible to removal, especially if you are using Enchantments instead of Equipment, and if you were using equipment, you would probably be using white instead for Kor Duelist/Auriok Glavemaster.

Of course assuming optimal builds. You can always make a deck with Typhoid Rats. Your opponents may laugh, but then just equip a Sword of War and Peace to it, and watch there face turn sour.

Still a good card, but it's missing a lot to be a great card. 3/5

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