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FNM 4/20/12

FNM 4/20/12:

Hey guys its Lolzor, we didn't have a particularly interesting play this week so to fill the void Im going to give a small breakdown of my draft deck from Friday.

I have recently been going to a comic/game shop called Tate's for their FNM its either a draft or standard, this Friday it was a DKA DKA DKA draft. I wasn't too happy about that choice...I mean I am most familiar with drafting DKA but the drafts are way more versatile with ISD in it. Anyway this draft I build a green deck with just a splash of black for removal. Green was left wide open I pulled 2 Briarpack Alphas, 3 Young Wolfs, 3 Kessig Recluse, Predetor Ooze, and a Feed the Pack. Not to mention things like Hollowhenge Beast. In black I pulled 3 Tragic Slips and an Undying Evil among other crappier cards. I was nervous because red was even more open i saw 3 Immerwolves pass me, no one was touching it...lucky the person who shifted into red did it like mid way through the second pack or else it probably would have been a stomp on everyone else. I found out later that the guy next to me was basically working with me and I ended up seeing him in the finals. I was inadvertently pasing h im all the white he needed and he was passing me the green.

So my deck basically played like this:
Turn 1: Forest, Young Wolf
Turn 2: Forest or Swamp (depended on if i had the slip or if i had predator ooze), Swing
Turn 3: Forest, Ooze or try to Trick out the Ulvenwald Bear, Swing
Turn 4: Recluse every time
Turn 5: Hollowhenge Beast (i had 3)
Turn 6: Feed the pack, swing, sac the beast
Turn 7: Win

I liked it, I had the one drops to handle early game, if i got the Ooze it would just ramp uncontrollably and the Recluses keep everything at bay. My favorite was making the Beast undaying sacing it geting the 5 wolves then next turn swing + wild hunger + sac it for 8 wolves...then they conceded..

I got the a free we to start since this was a 10 person draft...yay!

My first match was the girl who shifted into red, it was a decent deck but had mana problems and no clear win condition. Game 1 I stomped her then game two she held me at bay but the wolves took her.

My second match was a decent U/B deck with shriek gist and all those liek mill zombies and exile zombies. i managed to drop the Ooze each game though and held off the like 3/6 he got out quickly. once i got board advantage i just kept swinging with the ooze till he couldnt deal with it. Second game he Chant of Skifsang on my ooze but I still got an indestructible blocker and eventually ran him over.

My final game was against the guy to the left of me...he stomped me B/W spirits and demons. I didnt see much but Ravenous Demon and Increasing Devotion got me in game 1 and game 2 respectively. He didnt wanna just split the packs but i took my 4 packs and Dismember promo happily.

Thats all for this week sorry for the delay

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