Sunday, April 8, 2012

RCotD #148

Random Card of the Day #148:

Soulblast - 3RRR
As an additional cost to cast Soulblast, sacrifice all creatures you control.
Soulblast deals damage to target creature or player equal to the total power of the sacrificed creatures.

Initial thoughts:

Talk about a finishing burn spell. Sheesh. The worst part of it is sacrificing creatures is part of the effect. Which is both good and bad.

The good part of it is it can't be responded to with bounces and removal to remove more of your final blow damage. Bonus points if you do it in main phase two after you had already attacked. Or in response to a Day of Judgement.

The bad part of it is if it is countered, you just lost all of your creatures. I mean everything in the game can be "countered" to some sort of extent, but this spell can be especially punishing if it happens.

It's still a great card, albeit a little expensive. It could definitely see play in red aggro deck, even as just a one-of. 4/5

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