Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RCotD #158

Random Card of the Day #158:

Renegade Troops - 4R
Creatre - Human Soldier

Initial thoughts:

Talk about a really bad card. Not only is it a vanilla creature, it's also hyper unefficient.

So I think I've briefly touched on this before, but I guess I'll say it again. If you are getting a vanilla (virtually) creature it's cost effectiveness can be determined basically by it's mana cost.

2-cost 2/2 -- average
3-cost 3/3 -- average
4-cost 4/4 -- below average
4-cost 4/5 -- average
5-cost 6/6 -- average

The reason this is, is because you are not guaranteed land drops later in the game. In a starting hand 3 lands is pretty good, it will get you where you need to be and pretty much without missing a land drop. This is generally why 6-8 costed creatures are insane, as it pretty much ramps up out of control as you hit higher numbers, because simply: games usually don't last that long, and if they do, you will need something that is really worth playing.

Adding keywords to creatures lowers the P/T by one each, or at least it is widely accepted as so. For example a 3-cost 2/2 is pretty weak, but if you add Vigilance, it is fair-costed. The same goes for First strike, haste, protection, etc.

So if you try to hold Renegade troops to these same standard, it falls short--really short. Nothing but common fodder for drafts, which it might see play there simply because of its decent power to win trades or win games. That doesn't make it overcosted though.

Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 1/5

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