Saturday, April 14, 2012

IPotW #19

Interesting Play of the Week #19:

Alright, so for any fans of the IPotW, I'm really sorry that we haven't been posting for a while. Lolzor and I have not been playing tons of magic for the past 3-4 weeks--and whats worse is when we do play magic it's a stomp; either one way or the other.

So unfortunately, I will be posting this not only late, but it's also one of two games I played online.

So the game starts and I lose the die roll. I keep a hand of Swamp, Swamp, Island, Island, Lydevic's Test Subject, Royal Assassin, Throne of Empires. I keep since four lands is basically the best starting hand.

T1: Plains
T2: I draw into Grue Discovery, and drop a Swamp.
T3: Plains, Sundial of the Infinite

I can not explain my hatred for this card. It almost completely stops control decks. Especially end-of-turn crap. More importantly I've played enough games to know which card this is paired up with: Mimic Vat.

T4: Draw into Mana Leak. Perfect. Island, go.
T5: Draw, go. (He missed a land drop.)
T6: Swamp, go.
T7: Buried Ruin
T8: Island, Ludevic's Test Subject
T9: Draw, go. End of turn hatchling counter on Ludevic's
T10: Shimmering Grotto, go.
T11: Sundial of the Infinite #2, go. End of turn two hatchling counters on Ludevic's
T12: Two hatchling counter on Ludevic's Test subject, transform, swing for 13.
T13: Oblivion Ring the Test Subject.
T14: End turn, discarding Grasp of Darkness.
T15: Mimic Vat, resp. Think Twice, after Think Twice Resolves: Mana Leak. (To not fall into a Sundial of the Infinite Trap.)
T16: Swamp, Throne of Empires.
T17: Master Splicer, resp. Mana Leak.
T18: Royal Assassin.
T19: Glimmerpost Stag, bouncing a Plains, response activate Throne of Empires and Tribute to Hunger.
T20: Swing for 2, Moan of the Unhallowed.
T21: Stonehorn Dignitary, resp. activate Throne.
T22: I would swing for 7, but I have to skip my combat phase. Flashback Think Twice, play Crown of Empires.
T23: Glimmerpost Stag bouncing Stonehorn Dignitary. Response: Tap down Stonehorn with Crown of Empires, destroy it with Royal Assassin. Glimmerpost Stag ability fizzles, he concedes.

A bit of a one-way stomp, but I fairly knew his deck. It seemed like a permafog/Splicer deck involving bouncing the two with both Mimic Vat and Glimmerpost Stag. I pretty creative deck but a little bit of control goes a long way if you carefully choose your targets.

Thanks for tuning into this weeks IPotW. Come back Monday for our MUCMonday.

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