Sunday, April 1, 2012

Somber news my friends....

Dear Bangchuckers! fans,

I have some terrible news...our dearest Azyzl has gone crazy and left our crew. I awoke this morning realizing that our BC! crew had no April Fool's joke to join the rest of SCS's silliness. So in my normal fashion I harassed Azyzl for some kind of drawing...apparently the constant demand of me and Bit's ridiculous comics and the near stifling internet fame that has come from this comic has driven her off the edge...she quit the team in a fury of pen tool scribblings. She told me that she had no time for our petty comic and says she could no longer deal with our insane requests of space battles with magic cards and half naked women. Now she is off focusing on her own works (which I can only assume are heavily pony related).

BUT FEAR NOT! For Lolzor and Bit do not give up that easily...this Wednesday prepare for a brand new comic draw by us and written by us....get hyped!

Azyzl you will be missed but the spirit of Bangchuckers! will live on.

Thank you.

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