Monday, April 2, 2012

RCotD #143

Random Card of the Day #143:

Krosan Cloudscraper - 7GGG
Creature - Beast Mutant
At the beginning of your upkeep. sacrifice Krosan Cloudscraper unless you pay GG.
Morph 7GG

Initial thoughts:

Hah I would get a card like this, Sefah's at jury duty today so im filling in. Ok so this card is kinda straight forward...its a 13/13 for 10, I mean if you cast him I don't really see the upkeep cost being that hard to pay I consider it irrelevant. Its got morph which i guess could get him out...maybe a turn faster? Also it would be funny to see like something block it or like it get bolted and then it flips and is like LAWLLAWLLAWL 13/13! Over all I'd rather have something alittle smaller with like an interesting effect or you know trample for that kind of mana cost but it'll win you the game and probably in one swing at that point. 3/5

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