Sunday, April 29, 2012

IPotW #20

Interesting Play of the Week #20:

I'll update this later, it's just a placeholder. I have a few good games from an ISD/DKA sealed online.

Unfortunately there is no amazing Avacyn Restored sealed since I didn't go to it. I'm not particularly excited about the cards in this set. Or at least all the one I am interested are rares or higher.


One week later, as promised, I did an ISD/DKA sealed. I pulled pretty well and managed to get an Olivia Voldaren and Ghoultree (Gruul with splashing black, or you could just called it Jund). I never got to play Ghoultree, but it was still fun to think about Fling'ing him.

This was round 2 of the sealed event. I crushed him game one, and game two I had to mulligan to four and ended up not playing a single a spell. And I was already 1-1 after getting stomped by a blue/white flier deck in the first round, since I didn't get that overpowered-in-limited spider. (I've seen Wolfhunter's QUiver equipped to it. There's a lot you can do with it.) The game started off pretty slow for such an aggro-heavy format.

T1: Mountain
T2: Mountain
T3: Forest
T4: Swamp
T5: Swamp, Orchard Spirit
T6: Mountain, Erdwal Ripper, swing for 2. I obviously trade because no way in hell I'm letting that through. Vampires can spiral out of control really fast.
T7: Ulvenwald Bear. I know I didn't get Morbid, but I need something to block because his deck can be pretty fast.
T8: Swamp Feral Ridgewolf. Personally I don't like this card. It's not as powerful to swing on it's own and go unblocked and becomes quite a mana sink if you want to do damage. You don't have to pump it, but mana is best spent on other cards especially in the Innistrad Block.
T9: Swing for 2. I have Festerhide Boar in my hand so I definitely want something to die. He declares no blocks and takes 2 damage.
T10: Mountain. Swing for 1. Moan of the Unhallowed.
T11: Forest. Pitchburn Devils.
T12: Swing for 1. Declare no blocks, he pumps the Ridgewolf. Main phase 2: Black Cat.
T13: Swing with the board. He double blocks Pitchburn devils with a zombie and cat, and blocks the bear with another zombie. When Black Cat dies, I randomly discard Spider Spawning. When Pitchburn Devils dies, I bolt the Ridgewolf. Mainphase two I play Festerhide Boar with morbid as a 5/5.
T14: Death's Caress targeting my Boar, but in response I Fling him at him for 5.
T15: Topdraw Olivia Voldaren.
T16: Mountain, Stromkirk Patrol. End f turn deal 1 damage to the patrol to get a +1/+1 counter on Olivia.
T17: Swing for 4. Kessig Wolf.
T18: Forge Devil, dealing 1 to Kessig. Swing for 4, getting a +1/+1 on the Patrol. End of turn Olivia deals 1 damage to Forge Devil, but in response he Altar's Reap's it.
T19: Mountain. Swing for 4 with Olivia. Main phase two, flashback Spider Spawning getting 5 spiders. He concedes.

This was probably my favorite I had played in the entire sealed event. Sorry it took so long to write this. I hope the quality of the game forgives it.

Comeback next week for another IPotW on Monday for our (second?) most popular segment: MUCMonday and be sure to check out Azyzl's and SCS' webcomic: Bangchuckers!

I'm beginning to feel I use too many acronyms.

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