Friday, April 27, 2012

RCotD #167

Random Card of the Day #167:

Soul Conduit - 6
{6}, {T}: Two target players exchange life totals.

Initial Thoughts:

Would be too good to play this with Platinum Angel. Not really a competitive card, but great in EDH nonetheless. 6 cost activation is really high, not to mention that it cost 6 to get out (unless you cheat it out).

I understand why it's cost is so high--I could not imagine a game where something like this costed 3. But other than that, it is very gimmicky as if your life is low, your opponent is probably winning on the board, so switching life totals may be completely useless. If your opponent knocked you down to one life and you're spending 12 mana to switch life totals, he's probably just going to do it again.

A silly card, but I like it. 3/5

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