Monday, January 30, 2012

Comic, Contributors, Contacts...And the Future!

Ok so imma jump into this we have a few topics to cover with this post let's get to it.


So I posted the preview of our new webcomic yesterday! Well I promised I'd tell you more and here it is:
Bangchuckers! has been floating around Bit and my heads for probably 4 years now we just never got around to doing it...when I started this blog with Sefah I saw an opportunity too good to pass up. No this is not a MtG comic but it is a comic written by and for gamers and and their friends. It will feature largely comics based on: Conversations we have had, Jokes we have made, and real stories that have happened in out years as friends.
The main cast is Cj (aka Bit), Victoria (aka Azyzl), Jonny (aka Sefah), and Sean (aka Me aka Lolzor). Yes those are our real names. Any way it written/scripted mainly by me and CJ and is drawn and creatively adjusted by V. I really hope you enjoy it and am excited to start posting it regularly in the future.


Now I have to talk about my artist. Victoria has been a long friend of everyone here and was surprisingly excited to draw this comic for us. Yes, she is a gamer. Yes, she is a girl.

Any way she gets her own section because this is not her only work she is a very proficient artist and I would like to use my resources to spread her work so here we go!


A Celestial Story (Comic/Story):

Twitter (If you wanna say hi!):!/azyzl

Her work is great and she is very friendly, please check her stuff out.


Well we don't hear from you guys a lot and maybe that's our fault...maybe we aren't inviting so here is all and any info for us because frankly...we wanna talk to you guys!

Email (feel free to send us anything):

Twitter (This one is my personal one): Lolzor_TTR

Comments: Its below each post...dont be afraid to tell Sefah he is wrong, I encourage it!

The Future of SCS

Ok so some last minute clean ups here.

The comic...hopefully with in a month or so I will be posting it every other Wednesday. Why every other you ask? Well till we have more comics back logged I'd like to keep a slow pace as to never miss a day. Once we get this rolling I hope to increase the pace to every week.

Podcasts! I hope to start 2 of them. One with Sefah which will be purely a magic fun times and one with Bit which will be mainly dicking around. These would be monthly and would be 2 weeks apart from each other. Now I cant promise these its just an idea at the moment but I thought Id let you guys in on where we might be headed.

Oh and one more...MAJOR CHANGE...we bought a domain! No more clunky blogspot we are now sleak and awesome tell ur friends!

Any that's all for now.

Thanks to all of you from the us here at Bangchuckers! and SCS


  1. Oh hi there...remember that comment box...IM WRITING IN IT!

    If you were wondering how we bought the domain name...YOUR MONEY! So thanks guys =)

  2. We wouldn't be able to afford the domain if it weren't for you guys visiting the site. No really, it would cut into our Dark Ascension box.