Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RCotD #75

Random Card of the Day #75:

Savor the Moment - 1UU
Take an extra turn after this one. Skip the untap step of that turn.

Initial thoughts:

I did not know this card existed. It seems like a good card, at least it's worded as such that it definitely can be taken advantage of. It's difficult to call this card though. Early game with 3 mana you can get another draw and land dropstep. Later in the game, I might want Time Warp over this, but it can still be more abused with Planeswalkers, or heavens forbid: Magosi, the Waterveil.

Okay, so if I was trying to break this card I would want multiple copies--so Panoptic Mirror would probably the best for that. Now I would need to get to untap everything I would want to, Tideforce Elemental can get the creature's you want so long as you can always place a land. But I feel like Candelabra of Tawnos would be perfect. However, you would need a land that produces two mana, which shouldn't be so hard with bouncelands like Coral Atoll. That's more abusing infinite mana than Savor the Moment, but now with your infinite mana you can have infinite turns. Now I'm sure you can just Blue Sun's Zenith all of your opponent's for game. An interesting idea for an EDH deck, but Candelabra of Tawnos is not very easy to get, and it's not very cheap either.

It's just something about this card begs for it to be broken. And worst case scenario it's just a blue Explore, and Explore is pretty awesome. 4/5

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