Sunday, January 22, 2012

RCotD #72

Random Card of the Day #72:

Jolrail's Centaur - 1GG
Creature - Centaur

Initial thoughts:

Wow. This. This is the kind of card is exactly what green needs. One of the problems that I've had with the color wheel is it's beginning to lose its flavor. Red is still burny, Blue is still controlly but Black is supposed to be creature control, but the best creature destruction goes to White. And then there's Green, which is supposed to be about creatures, but the best creatures aren't Green.

For example, if you are just hearing about a new deck, and someone says they play Red, White, and Blue, you would think "Lightning Bolt, Day of Judgement, Counterspell." Just because those seem to be some of the most powerful cards of it's color. Maybe Oblivion Ring/Swords to Plowshares for White.

Now consider those compared to of their mono-types. The difference between a deck splashing Red and a monored deck is basically just more cards. The difference between a deck splashing White and a monowhite deck is basically just more cards.

But if somebody says they play a monogreen deck, for some reason people kind of ignore it. It's the oldest deck idea of just ramp up and swing with big dudes, but for some reason people disregard it as a viable tactic. However, if someone said they were not monogreen but with another color, people have a lot more respect for the deck. To be honest I think it has a lot to do with the power creep. A 6 cost 6/6 was something typically only green could do. But times have changed.

As for the card, its like a vanilla creature with everything a Green creature needs. If it was printed nowadays it would probably be hexproof instead of shroud, but such is the power creep. 4/5

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