Monday, January 23, 2012

RCotD #73

Random Card of the Day #73:

Infiltrator il-Kor - 4U
Creature - Kor Rogue
Suspend 2 - 1U

Initial thoughts:

Hmm... interesting card. I love suspend cards, they add a very interesting dynamic to the game. What is important to note is that creatures that come off of suspend have haste.

So on turn two, you suspend this so it comes back turn 4 as a 3/1 "unblockable" haste. That's pretty good, with one small exception.

Suspend if activated on creatures is on sorcery speed. Sorceries on suspend are also on sorcery speed. Unless you can get Jhoira of the Ghitu to suspend it, suspend is basically on sorcery speed.

It's a terrific card, don't get me wrong, I'm just hesitant about it being sorcery speed. For 1U you can also cast Mana Leak, if it's monoblue you can also Counterspell. I feel like traditional blue decks don't play for those aggressive 3/1 decks, they stall and counterspell the game until they can get something like Frost Titan, Sphinx of Jwar Isle, or depending on the colors: Sphinx of Steel Wind. Ya know, those big 6 drops everyone plays.

Now that's traditional blue decks. For all I know this would be the greatest card in a Snapcaster/Delver/Aggro deck--which to be honest is pretty fast on the receiving on end. Still a great card. I just can't think of anything to go with this off the top of my head, but everything for an evasive creature is there. Except shroud. 4/5

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