Monday, January 2, 2012

MUCMonday #3

Making Up Cards Monday #3:

Welcome to our Monday segment, Making Up Cards Monday where we... well, make up cards. Most of them have inspirations behind them and sometimes you just wanted to make a funny card, or a card that had your flavor to it.

Either way, you can read the cards and judge them for yourselves.

Lucid Illusion - 2U
Creature - Illusion
Whenever Lucid Illusion becomes tapped, switch it's power and toughness until end of turn.
Whenever Lucid Illusion becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it.

This was the card that Lolzor thought up. It's similar to Calcite Snapper, but is a lot more vulnerable--especially with the illusion clause that has been pretty popular since M12.

Because it's an illusion I would undoubtedly see this in a deck with Lord of Unreal. It still doesn't really become a problem since you still can't equip anything to illusions, or even regenerate them. When it attacks it's still a 6/2 without trample or evasive abilities, still dies to combat damage and is still very vulnerable. So until they make something like:

Lord of Unreal 2.0 - 1UU
Creature - Human
Illusion creatures you control gain +1/+1 and flying.
{U}{U}: Regenerate all illusions. Activate this ability only if it's your turn.

Then I don't see this card becoming a problem.

Unexpected Bloomage - 3G
If you cast Unexpected Bloomage from your hand, as an additional cost, sacrifice two lands.
Search your library for two basic lands and put them onto the battlefield. If Unexpected Bloomage was not cast from your hand, you may search for any two lands instead.

Okay, so this card is tricky. You pay 4 mana and sacrifice two lands to get two basic lands onto the battlefield untapped, so you can use them right away too. Harrow was a big inspiration to this card. Harrow is among my favorite ramp cards. A turn two Explore, into a turn 3 Harrow and Rampant Growth gives you a lot of mana ready for turn 4. However, it is important to note that it has an additional cost, so if your spell is countered, it can be really punishing.

The ideal play for this card is at the end of your opponents turn (as with most instants) You sacrifice two lands and get two lands untapped, allowing you to play instants and have ramp at the same time, similar to Harrow. However, on your next upkeep you can search your library for any two more lands. Kessig Wolfrun, Inkmoth Nexus, and Moorland Haunt are especially popular. Though things like "enters the battlefield tapped" still happen. Unexpected Bloomage doesn't overwrite that. Oh. And sorry for the lack of flavor text. It just got too scrunched up for the text if I included that.

Suspenders - 2
Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creatures gets +0/+2
If a spell targets equipped creature, if it was cast from an opponent's hand, exile it. That spell is suspended. If it doesn't have suspend, it gains suspend 2.
Equip {2}

Since I've been playing with Jhoira of the Ghitu in EDH I've had a certain liking to suspend cards. And I've also been hating the auto-include cards such as Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves. This is my spin on a card that is not as aggravating as hex-proof and not quite so powerful as equip zero shroud-haste.

You can still cast a spell on the creature, however it becomes exiled and when it's cast from exile, then when it targets the creature it can resolve. It delays the inevitable, but at least there are still ways to deal with it. If it is an immediate threat than you can still use a board sweeper or any ablities. An ability won't be exiled with this equipment. (I'm not quite sure on the rulings, but I think if an ability is exiled it just ceases to exist, kind of like tokens.)

Thanks for tuning into MUCMondays! We'll continue writing our RCotD's and come back Friday for our IPotW.

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  1. Background for Sefah's bitching: He is just mad that a turn 3 swiftfoot boots on my glissa totally wrecked his face in EDH. That is all