Thursday, January 5, 2012

RCotD #55

Random Card of the Day #55:

Breaking Point - 1RR
Any player may have Breaking Point deal 6 damage to him or her. If no one does, destroy all creatures and they can't be regenerated.

Initial thoughts:

A red Wrath of God. Sort of. It's pretty undercosted too. I think I might be playing Slagstorm over this still just because at least I get to choose even though it is not as powerful. Although in a straight burn deck, it's still really powerful. I would probably still play Flamebreak just so I get most of the best of both worlds. If it's fliers that are killing you (and out-damaging red) just play either Slagstorm or Volcanic Fallout.

Although I do like the option of having your opponent choose, but I would rather it be something drastic like Browbeat. You'll want to take the 5 damage--no way your giving three cards to red. Red Deck Wins is an archetype that I'm actually fairly scared of. If it's all straight burn spells I can almost never deal with it. I don't like pumping my deck full of counterspells just to deal with it (I only ever at most have four counters--typically 3 Mana Leaks and 1 Dissipate), and I hate life gain spells. So the closest thing I have to deal with those threats is Timely Reinforcements. Not to mention it focuses heavily on the early game so a bad hand is nearly unrecoverable and suggests "perfect" hands over well-made decks and good play, if that makes any sense.

But it really doesn't matter. Even at 1RR this card is still excellent. It doesn't fit in every deck, but it can still be pretty effective. Six damage is a lot. 4/5

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