Friday, January 27, 2012

IPotW #10

Interesting Play of the Week #10:

(I'm tagging the cards as you read this, Lolzor's yelling at me for posting it so late.)

Hello and welcome to Snow Covered Swamp's Interesting Play of the Week. I was unfortuantely unable to play an Archenemy match against my friend's Grixis Control deck this week, but I hope you guys will settle for my deck versus Tempered Steel.

My opening hand was: Island, Swamp, Shimmering Grotto, Ponder, Cellar Door, Naturalize, and Royal Assassin. Even though I didn't have my second black source for Royal Assassin, I still had Shimmering Grotto, so any fourth land, even another Grotto would get him out. I kept my hand, and likewise so did my opponent. However, unlike most of my other games my opponent came out really fast:

T1: Island, Ponder (rearranging: Throne of Empires, Grasp of Darkness, and Horizon Spellbomb in reverse order for drawing.)
T2: Plains, Signal Pest, Memnite (as soon as I saw this I knew I was playing a Tempered Steel deck; my naturalize in my starting hand is looking pretty good.)
T3: Swamp, Cellar Door
T4: Plains, swing for 2, Hovermyr (Vigilance is something my deck has trouble against.)
T5: Shimmering Grotto
T6: Forest, Tempered Steel, resp. Naturalize the Tempered Steel before combat damage, taking 4 damage.
T7: Draw, go
T8: Enter attack step, Grasp of Darkness the Signal Pest. Swing for 2. Naturalize targeting Cellar Door.
T9: Draw, go
T10: Tempered Steel, resp. Grasp of Darkness targeting Hovermyr, swings for 3, bringing me to 9 life.
T11: Crown of Empires, Horizon Spellbomb
T12: Oblivion Ring the Crown, swing for 3.
T13: Island, Royal Assassin
T14: Swing for 3, Bird of Paradise.
T15: He stops me at my upkeep, and plays Feeling of Dread Royal Assassin. I'm not sure why. Maybe he think I'm an idiot? Response: tap Royal Assassin the Memnite. Shimmering Grotto.
T16: Shimmering Grotto, Glissa, the Traitor, desperate Think Twice into a Horizon Spellbomb. Was hoping for a Mana Leak. End of turn flashback Think Twice.

At this point I'm holding onto a Dissipate, Throne of Empire, and another Horizon Spellbomb.

T17: Draw into a swamp, go.
T18: Flashback Feeling of Dread, targeting Royal Assassin, resp. Dissipate. Glissa swings into Royal Assassin. Misplay? Day of Judgement. Meh.

At this point the game becomes a standstill. I'm sitting at 3 life, but he's still at 20. At least the board is clear though.

T19: Draw into: Grasp of Darkness. Resolve Throne of Empires
T20: Phyrexia's Core. End of turn, Tap throne for a 1/1 soldier. At this point I think I have him since 1) he's top decking, 2) I have Throne on the field.
T21: Swing for 1. Forest.
T22: Oblivion Ring on Throne of Empires. Tap in response and get a 1/1 soldier. End of turn Horizon Spellbomb with cantrip.
T23: Island, swing for 2. Trigon of Corruption.
T24: Necropede. It's a 3/3 because of Tempered Steel.
T25: Grasp of Darkness the Necropede, Necropede's effect triggers and kills a soldier. Swing for 1. Tumble Magnet.
T26: Plains, go.
T27: Swing for 1, Scepter of Empires--another pinging device to get me to win.
T28: Phyrexia's Core. End of turn Trigon counter, Scepter ping.
T29: Shimmering Grotto, swing for 1.
T30: Perilous Myr, end of turn Trigon -1/-1 on Perilous Myr, scepter ping.
T31: Oblivion Ring on Scepter of Empires. At this point I'm very sad. I got all three of my empire artifacts, but all three are Oblivion Ring'd. I only have 2 Naturalize in my deck and one was already used. I swing for 1, but he blocks the soldier, before combat damage -1/-1 counter on Perilous Myr, both die, Perilous Myr's triggered ability hits my life for two bringing me to one.
T32: Swamp, go.
T33: Another Necropede. End of turn Trigon bringing it to a 2/2. Now I can't play my Royal Assassin because he would just kill it.
T34: Island.
T35: Plains, enter combat, tap the Necropede down with Tumble Magnet. End of turn, Trigon Necropede bringing it to a 1/1.
T36: Swamp, put a counter on Trigon. Right now my hand has: Mana Leak, Silent Departure.
T37: Tap down the Necropede.
T38: Draw, go.
T39: Tempered Steel, I respond by Trigon'ing the Necropede, he responds by activating Phyrexia's Core, gaining one life and sacrificing Necropede. End of turn Think Twice, flashback Think Twice
T40: Swamp, Vedalken Anatomist, Royal Assassin.
T41: Draw, go. He has 2 cards in hand.
T42: Swing for 2. He's at 9 life.
T43: Shimmering Grotto. End of turn put a counter of Trigon.
T44: I draw into my second and last Naturalize, perfect--swing for 2.
T45: Day of Judgement. End of turn Naturalize the Oblivion Ring holding Throne of Empires. After returning the Throne, activate it for a token. Put another charge counter on Trigon of Corruption.
T46: Swing for 1.
T47: Draw, go. End of turn Throne activate, put another charge counter on Trigon.
T48: Enter combat but Feeling of Dread taps down my soldiers.
T49: Shimmering Grotto. End of turn Throne and Trigon.
T50: Enter combat, flashback Feeling of Dread, swing for 1.
T51: Hovermyr. End of turn Tribute to Hunger, response activate Phyrexia's Core, gaining 1 life. Also Trigon and Throne.
T52: Swing for 4. He's at 2 life.
T53: Draw, he concedes.

And for my Still Had All Deez: Mana Leak, Mana Leak, Silent Departure, Mind Control, Royal Assassin.

I liked this game. It definitely showed at least half of our deck, probably more with the sift and cantrips I was playing. I particularly like stabalizing against decks, and this one I stabalized at one life. It's just seems to dastardly staring at a field with a bunch of 1/1's and you are helpless.

The other games I've played this week were somewhat decent, but I didn't feel like posting a game where I was getting destroyed by a Heartless Summoning deck where I only won because he ran out of time. The other game that was particularly funny with hundreds of Myr's on the battlefield versus my other hundred of Soldiers from my full Empire stuff, where I lost due to a miscalculation of combat damage.

And Lolzor doesn't want me posting the game where he lost because of Piston Sledge sacrificing it's own equipped creature to get morbid and cast Brimstone Volley and stall the game until Vault Skirge pinged him out. Good games and good plays, but not so much as stabalizing and coming back from 1 life.

Well thanks for reading our IPotW! Come back Mondays (or everyday) for what seems to be our most popular segment: Making Up Cards Monday! Be sure to stop by on Sunday for a special treat, courtesy of Lolzor and co.

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