Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RCotD #74

Random Card of the Day #74:

Deathgrip - BB
{B}{B}: Counter target green spell.

Initial thoughts:

I'm not quite sure what to say about this card. I feel it's right up in the same alley as my comments on Chill on RCotD #20: it's a superb sideboard or you can make it maindecked if you are playing Sleight of Mind.

However, it's a little worse than Chill. Chill shut down a red deck completely because red has no way to deal with enchantments. As a black enchantment focused on the enemy color green, it's a pretty ill-suited match up. Chill was also a passive effect affecting a tempo based deck. Not to mention this one is extremely mana-intensive.

Like, everything is there to make it an insane card, but cheating out colored mana is a lot harder to do, especially recurring mana. If you run it in mono black it wouldn't be a problem, but then you'd have to know you were playing against Green. If you tried Sleight of Mind then you are U/B and I guess that would work in Legacy/Vintage, but... actually, that's probably it--this card is only legal in eternal formats so only there it can truly shine, but every other well built deck in the same format is better.

It can still work. 3/5. Also worth mentioning: Eastern Paladin.

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