Thursday, January 26, 2012

RCotD #76

Random Card of the Day #76:

Howl of the Night Pack - 6G
Put a 2/2 green Wolf creature token onto the battlefield for each Forest you control.

Initial thoughts:

I love cards that reward you for playing basic land types. It's got the right amount of balance between Spikes playing Misty Rainforest fetching out Tropical Island and Timmy playing a Forest.

This card I know in particular because one of my friends played this as his game finisher in his monogreen ramp deck. At least that's what he played up until he "quit" magic.

Back when I first started playing magic I would probably concede when this card hits the field. But nowadays, since my playstyle has changed, I would just shrug it off and lifelink it back, or Day of Judgement or even flashback Rolling Temblor. That doesn't necessarily make it a bad card, it just means it has answers, and well, everything in this game has answers. Now that I look at it with a lot more experience, I can understand why it was an uncommon: it's expensive and it only spawns 2/2's. Most of the time it's seven of them, but I'll still stand by what I say to Lolzor a lot: "If you are spending 7-8 mana on a spell, it better win you the game."

Now it does win games, just not on the same level of Sorin's Vengeance. Still a great card. 4/5

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