Friday, January 13, 2012

IPotW #8

Interesting Play of the Week #8:

Hello and welcome to Snow Covered Swamp's Interesting Play of the Week #8. This week will feature a deck type I normally don't face because one, it is unpopular, and two I normally don't have very good games with these kinds. But it would be a nice contrast to the last game that I played.

Starting hand: Swamp, Swamp, Island, Shimmering Grotto, Prey Upon, Tribute to Hunger, Cellar Door. It's not bad so I keep. My opponent keeps as well.

T1: Mountain
T2: Island, end of turn Shock

At this point I'm thinking "shock end of turn?" Oh Lord, I think it's a...

T3: Goblin Arsonist, Goblin Grenade sac'ing Arsonist, Arsonist hits for 1, 5 more from Goblin Grenade

red burn deck. What's so funny is that I myself have a very, very powerful red burn deck. It even has Anarchy sideboarded to deal with white. It's basically never been beaten since I added the Magma Jets to it and my friends won't let me play it anymore. Yet, even though I have a deck of it, I absolutely hate it. It's not fun to play as or against. There's no tricks, its just shoot at the dome and if there's creatures play Searing Blaze or Flamebreak. This also demonstrates my fear of aggro decks. If they come too fast I feel helpless. I wouldn't dare maindeck walls or lifegain (except for Timely Reinforcements) so I'm stuck with not what's in my deck, but what's on the top 10 cards that can get me out of this mess.

I play Cellar Door and hope he starts aiming for my creatures. He plays Goblin Fireslinger and passes. I jump the gun and cast Tribute to Hunger on my own turn, despite it being an instant. Why? I've seen this setup before: he plays a Mountain, plays Goblin Grenade and Reverberates it. 10 damage for 3 cards in standard, 11 if he taps it. I can't even Tribute to Hunger between them because sacrificing the goblin is part of the cost, and you can't respond to costs.

He plays a Mountain and passes. This means he has all instants in his hand. If I can play creatures, I can absorb most of his damage, but I'm at 13 life so it's not so bad. So far I've drawn into Grizzled Outcasts, Ludevic's Test Subject and Ambush Viper. I pass since I can't just absorb his damage, I have to hit back. He Incinerates me end of turn. He draws, plays a mountain and passes. He has 2 cards in hand compared to my 5. I think I'm in pretty good shape. End of turn I flash in Ambush Viper. I swing with my Viper, and in main phase two I resolve my Test Subject.

He draws and then casts Chandra's Outrage, killing my Test Subject. Okay, so I know he just drew into it because otherwise he would have end of turned it. But with 4 mana he didn't cast anything at the end of my turn. So I wonder what he can't play with 4 mana. I resolve Vedalken Anatomist and pass. Nothing end of turn.

He draws, plays a Mountain and passes. Maybe he's burned out already? 2 cards in hand and 5 mana and he passes. It's definitely not Lava Axe. I swing with both my creatures and pass.

He draws. This time he plays Stromblood Berserker. But it's a 1/1 since he didn't deal any damage to me. Then he resolves Goblin War Paint on it and swings for 3. I tap my Cellar Door and hope for a creature drop, but another Chandra's Outrage hits his graveyard instead. I drop to 5 life.

I draw into Screeching Bat. First thing I need to do is bounce the berserker with Silent Departure. It's times like these I wish I had Unsummon instead. I swing for 3 and play Screeching bat. He's at 10 life, I'm at 5. He draws and has 3 cards in hand.

He plays a Mountain and taps out for Flameblast Dragon. Alright, that's kind of scary. But with Vedalken Anatomist it shouldn't be too much of a problem. that's not to mention I still have Prey Upon to trigger Ambush Viper's deathtouch.

I draw into Morkrut Banshee. Perfect. I swing with viper, anatomist, and bat--of course, he blocks the Anatomist. Main phase two, I resolve Morkrut Banshee and when it enters the battlefield, targeting and killing the Flameblast Dragon. I pass.

He draws and resolves Incinerate dropping me to 2 life. He casts the last spell in his hand which was the bounced Berserker as a 3/3. I draw another Anatomist but I already have the game: I Prey Upon from my Banshee to his Berserker and swing for game.

He draws and reveals what would be the next card of his library: another Chandra's Outrage.

Thanks for reading Snow Covered Swamp's IPotW! Come back Monday for our MUCMonday, which seems to be our most popular segment.

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