Friday, January 13, 2012

RCotD #63

Random Card of the Day #63:

Vastwood Animist - 2G
Creature - Elf Shaman Ally
{T}: Target land you control becomes an X/X Elemental creature until end of turn, where X is the number of Allies you control. It's still a land.

Initial thoughts:

I don't about other people but when allies came out I really liked them. They were a kind of swarmy archetype that gained benefit like elves but allowed a lot more colors other than green to be played. And to be honest I probably had like 12 copies of Bojuka Brigand, mainly from drafts.

Although in one of the drafts I got Rite of Replication, I never got to kick it--in fact, I think I lost that draft to Roil Elemental. I also had a hard-on for the card Join the Ranks. Mainly for use with Kazmandu Blademaster,  but really any ally worked with the deck.

Anyways, this card is very useful in ally decks, but you have to be careful of it too. A 3/3 can still be bolted, and if you activated it on your opponent's turn for a blocker, it can be hit by Day of Judgement. In addition your opponent can kill an ally while the ability is on the stack, reducing the lands P/T.

A strange card but it has its uses, and if you can get 6 allies out with this card, you should probably be swinging with the board. Unless your opponent has Lightmine Field.

Good card, but the narrow scope of "must play allies" doesn't allow flexibility of decks this card can go into. 3/5

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