Friday, January 20, 2012

IPotW #9

Interesting Play of the Week #8:

Hello and welcome to Snow Covered Swamp's Interesting Play of the Week. I haven't played very many games this week, but this game had a few good plays in it. Next week, if I can, I will try to get an Archenemy game with my friend--he's been working on a Grixis Control deck featuring Nicol Bolas. He has most of the deck built but last time we played he had to borrow my Scheme which didn't exactly fit the needs of his own Scheme deck he had in mind.

That's next week, hopefully. This week it's me with my U/B/G control against a Delver/Stromkirk/Flashback deck.

Starting hand: Swamp, Swamp, Island, Nephalia Drownyard, Vedalken Anatomist, Dissipate, Tribute to Hunger.

The game started out pretty fast considering a turn 1 Stromkirk is what I had to deal with.

T1: Mountain, Stromkirk Noble
T2: Swamp
T3: Sulfur Falls, swing for 1.
T4: Swamp
T5: Island, Ponder, swing for 2.
T6: Island
T7: Island, swing for 3. End of turn Tribute to Hunger, resp. flash in Snapcaster Mage targeting Ponder, sacrifice Snapcaster. (Unable to cast Ponder due to it being a Sorcery.)
T8: Island, Royal Assassin

Like most games, the game just completely stops when Royal Assassin hits the field. If he swings with his 4/4 it will just die. (Well it would become a 5/5 and then die since Royal Assassin has summoning sickness.) He plays another Stromkirk and passes.

T9: Swamp, pass.
T10: Draw, pass.
T11: Nephalia Drownyard, pass.

He topdecks Geistflame and casts it, however I cast Dissipate. He responds with Mana Leak, but I tap out to let Dissipate resolve. It's a good thing I had Dissipate instead of Mana Leak because 1) he could have tapped out to let it resolve and 2) he could have flashed it back to kill it again anyways so the exile effect was really relevant here.

I top draw into Tumble Magnet so while he only has one Island open I cast it, tap it to target his 4/4 Stromkirk Noble, and tap Royal Assassin to kill it. Then I resolve a Vedalken Anatomist.

He resolves another Stromkirk Noble. It's kind of silly to play that at this point in time, though he did get 3 Stromkirks in 15 cards. I give a -1/-1 counter to Stromkirk and tap it just in case. Then I use Tumble Magnet to tap the other Noble and then use Royal Assassin. An open board for me to swing now.

T16: Forest, swing for 2. Main phase 2: Screeching Bat, resp. Cancel
T17: Draw, go.
T18: Swing for 2. Main phase 2: Horizon Spellbomb
T19: Island, Mind Control targeting Royal Assassin. End of turn crack the spellbomb searching for another forest, pay the {G} to draw a card.
T20: Silent Departure Royal Assassin, swing for 1. Re-cast Royal Assassin.
T21: Silent Departure Royal Assassin.
T22: Swing for 1. Re-cast Royal Assassin.
T23: Devil's Play hitting my life for 4.
T24: Swing for 2. Play Morkrut Banshee without Morbid.
T25: Flashback Silent Depature targeting Morkrut Banshee.
T26: Swing for 2. Main phase 2: Re-cast Morkrut Banshee and resolve Cellar Door.
T27: Island, Past in Flames, flashback Ponder. End of turn miss with Cellar Door.
T28: Swing for 6.
T29: Island, Blashemous Act for a board wipe. End of turn miss with Cellar Door.
T30: Blind Zealot.
T31: Silent Departure Blind Zealot. Ludevic's Test Subject. Burning Vengeance. End of turn Tribute to Hunger and another miss with Cellar Door.
T32: Re-cast Blind Zealot
T33: Flashback Silent Departure targeting Blind Zealot, Burning Vengeance hits my life for 2. Mana Leak the Silent Departure. End of turn miss with Cellar Door.
T34: Swing for 2.
T35: Mountain, Flashback Devil's Play for 5, Burning Vengeance kills Blind Zealot. Miss with Cellar Door.
T36: Forest, Naturalize the Burning Vengeance. Royal Assassin.
T37: Flashback Geistflame killing Royal Assassin. EoT: Nephalia mills for 3. Cellar Door miss.
T38: Scepter of Empires.
T39: Burning Vengeance. Blue Sun's Zenith for 2, resp. Naturalize the Burning Vengeance. Mountain. End of turn, Nephalia mill for 3. Cellar Door miss. Scepter pings for 1.
T40: Scepter pings for 1. Game.

I could have typed it out of what I was thinking, what he was possibly holding but I didn't exactly feel like it. I wasn't "in danger" at any point in this match once I dealt with the Stromkirks, but I still enjoyed it. I like long games--even if it's you pinging for 1 unpreventable damage 20 turns in a row. It lets you see the other persons deck and shows you what cards were relevant or not relevant. This game got me thinking of a Burning Vengeance deck, too. I also like outplaying expensive decks; I get a kick out of beating them with mine. Or, at least I think a deck is expensive if it contains a Snapcaster Mage.

Well, sorry for a not-so-exciting ping fest with my U/B deck, but that's typically how it wins. It may not be fun to play against, but control decks might go out the window with the new Dark Ascension spoilers that I've seen so far. It might be about time that aggro takes over since Jund dominated before the Zendikar block. The new keyword might be more annoying than Sprouting Thrinax. And I hated that card.

Well thanks for reading our IPotW. Come back Mondays (or everyday) for what seems to be our most popular segment: Making Up Cards Monday!

Here's the decklist:
3x Forest
6x Island
8x Swamp
2x Nephalia Drownyard
3x Shimmering Grotto

1x Blind Zealot
2x Evil Twin
1x Ludevic's Test Subject // Ludevic's Abomination
1x Morkrut Banshee
4x Royal Assassin
1x Screeching Bat
2x Vedalken Anatomist

1x Cellar Door
1x Scepter of Empires
1x Crown of Empires
1x Throne of Empires
1x Tumble Magnet
1x Trigon of Corruption
2x Horizon Spellbomb
1x Mind Control
2x Dissipate
3x Grasp of Darkness
2x Mana Leak
3x Tribute to Hunger
1x Ponder
2x Silent Departure
2x Naturalize

So the only cards that use green are Horizon Spellbomb and Naturalize. That way I can deal with troublesome Artifacts/Enchantments.

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